Taping Your Bullmastiff's Ears

This is a Hammer son that didn't get his ears taped. Which is very sad because he is very nice boy but his "flying" ears ruins his appearance.

And if you were to ever show this boy I doubt a judge would put him over a boy with correct ears.

same boy

This is young puppy that ears can be fixed IF they hurry up and get tape on.

If you could view the back of the head/ear you would see how the ear is creasing in the wrong place.

This puppy just a little old that ears are "breaking over" prefectly! THIS is what you want your puppy/dog to look like!

Puppies start holding their ears incorrectly around 3 months old when they begin to teeth. If they continue to hold them incorrectly then can and do

harden in the wrong position. :( and you get what you see below. Which in my opinion ruins the over all look of dog.

This boy can not lay his ears down correctly because they have harded this way.

The younger you start the easier it is!

As compared to this lovely head where ears are laying down correctly flat against the head..

Young puppy with ear begining to "fly"

Tape now for up to three weeks!

Flip Video of me taping some ears on 12 wk old female bullmastiff Puppy

here are more examples of ears that could have been taped:

1st puppy both ears incorrect, 2nd dog

both ears incorrect

Ear wrong and not a good example of a typey bullmastiff